Sunday, March 8, 2009

Whiny astronomers

Tom Gwilym is a talented astro-imager who has rigged up a fine observatory at his home in Renton. The Highlands Astro-Shack is the official home of "Big Blue," the Bellevue Astronomical Society's Meade LX200 telescope.

Like many who are interested in amateur astronomy in the Seattle area, Tom is getting a bit frustrated with the weather. I can tell from his rant on the relatively new Eastside Astro-Blog.

We ought to know better, I suppose. This is Seattle and it rains here. But Tom is right, the last couple of years have been dismal. Used to be that you'd get a week or so of clear, cold weather a couple of times each winter. But Weisenheimer hasn't done much observing of note since early autumn.

I did get out for a little bit one evening last week, and looked at Saturn for about 20 minutes before the clouds rolled in. I'm hoping to get a look at Comet Lulin before it speeds way too far off.

Well, if there's scant observing to be done, at least we can write about astronomy. The March issue of The Webfooted Astronomer, newsletter of the Seattle Astronomical Society, is out today. Edited by yours truly.

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Tom said...

Ha! I like how you blogged my blog. :)

Not only the last couple years, but think there has been more of a shift in the climate over the last decade or so. When I was in High School (mid 80s) I remember when the spring weather would start - mid April/May time period. Around early May is when I would go "pants-less" (my own term for wearing shorts!). In the last few years it's just been colder and cloudier longer and longer.
I remember long stretches of clear nights in the winter less than 10 years ago. Not anymore.
I keep reading comments people leave about "global warming, yeah right!" but I think they just don't get it. It's more than just "warming" but a shift in global weather patterns. I'll stop there since Al Gore knows more about this, but I'm just guessing at this!