Thursday, May 14, 2009

I won the New Yorker cartoon caption contest. Sorta.

The last page of The New Yorker each week features a cartoon caption contest. It's easy. One of the magazine's cartoonists provides a cartoon. Readers submit captions. The editors pick three finalists, and readers vote on the winner. Weisenheimer submitted the winning entry for the April 20, 2009, contest, the drawing for which is at right. What caption would you choose?

Unfortunately, I apparently wasn't the only weisenheimer to submit the winning caption. I checked the contest rules, and if multiple entrants submit the same caption, and it is chosen as a finalist, the finalist contestant is chosen at random.


Thus, Bob Vogel of Portland, Maine goes on to eternal fame and glory, and all Weisenheimer has to show for it is this lousy blog post.

What was the winning caption?



Becky said...

First of all, your caption is golden. Perfect. Wonderful. I laughed out loud. And shared it with my husband.

And secondly...that sucks that you didn't win. Well...sort of. You did a way.


justjo said...

That was very funny! (the caption . . . not the coming in 2nd part).

Lisa said...

Well, WE know. Thanks for sharing. And it's very funny!!!