Monday, November 23, 2009

Weisenheimer gets new astronomy writing gig

The header of West Seattle Weisenheimer specifically calls out astronomy as one of the topics of the blog. Yet out of 138 posts since we fired this thing up in August of aught-8, I count only five with the tag of "astronomy." Three of those are mainly just whines about how crappy the weather is around here for making astronomical observations. Now, I've taken a (potentially) paying gig writing a column for called Seattle Astronomy Examiner.

My first post is up. It's about a talk author/astronomer Ken Croswell made at last week's Seattle Astronomical Society meeting about his latest book, The Lives of Stars. Croswell also spoke at the Pacific Science Center over the weekend. He's visited Seattle and the SAS six or seven times over the years promoting his books. That's a pic at right that I shot of Croswell signing copies of The Lives of Stars after his talk.

Part of the reason that I haven't put much astronomy here is that I was getting my astro-writing fix by editing The Webfooted Astronomer, the newsletter of the Seattle Astronomical Society. I gave that up in late summer due to time constraints. Now I'm giving some other stuff up in order to work on the Seattle Astronomy Examiner column.

It's a "potentially" paying gig because remuneration is based on traffic to the site, links to it, and other Internet stuff. So please go there, bookmark it, and spread the word to others who may be of astronomical mind. I thank you for that, and promise to try not to complain about the weather. Not too much, anyway.

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