Sunday, February 7, 2010

The State of Our Souls

One of us asked the other at dinner tonight, "Do you miss church?" Naturally that prompted a wide-ranging conversation. Luther, Calvin, Knox, Bach, and Zwingli were mentioned, for starters. And Shakespeare, George Carlin, and baseball. Consubstantiation, several unpopular Bible passages, and the 1941 Lutheran Hymnal. Alzheimer's. Grandkids. Estate planning. Jell-o and macaroni salad. Memorizing poetry. Yes, there was a bottle of wine involved (a 1998 Syrah).

And by the end of it we were playing the track "Ain't But the One," Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, loud enough to rattle the windows. And there was some smokin' triple-step swinging and gettin' down.

And then we did dishes.

I think we're irredeemable.