Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mavis Staples testifies at Jazz Alley

If you don't go see Mavis Staples this weekend at Jazz Gospel/Blues Alley, you're out of your frickin' mind.

Mavis rocked the Alley on Friday night, and now I won't have to go to choich for a couple of years at least.

It was an incredible show: a music legend, a kick-ass band, and great stories about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pops Staples. I'm here to tell you that Mavis has still got it. It's a little known fact that I've always wanted to be a Supreme, but now at least I've sung with Mavis. Sure, it was just backup vocals with the rest of the audience on "I'll Take You There," but I think this will launch my singing career.

Staples sang a number of other classics, including "Freedom Highway," "The Weight," "Why Am I Treated So Bad?", and "Wade in the Water." That's two great ones in a row for Jazz Alley.

BUT -- a note to the alley: BUY A FRICKIN' GROUND PLUG!! The Janiva Magness show last weekend was marred by an annoying hum in the sound system, and the same was even more pronounced during Friday night's show by Staples. Radio Shack has them, I'm just sure of it. It's a little preposterous that the great acts the Alley is bringing in should have to put up with less-than-perfect sound.


Sweetie the Official Scorer said...

She was SO much fun, and seemed to be having fun herself. And what a great band. Rick Holmstrom, guitar, and Jeff Turmes, bass and guitar, kept it hot and fresh and managed to respectfully evoke and bridge Pop's distinctive sound. Loved, loved, loved Turmes' slide guitar solo.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you guys were "CHOICHED"! Sorry 'bout the sound system though.