Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have to do with where choo-choo go

Weisenheimer has been in Spokane on business for a couple of days, and while flipping through the channels on the TV in the hotel room came across an advertisement for Rock Ridge Town Homes.

Now, I'm no business person, but I think if I were a real estate mogul I would NOT name my housing development Rock Ridge.

Oh, sure, the name itself is pleasant enough. It brings to mind images of serenity, a place that's probably a peaceful town where people live in harmony and never had no kind of trouble. A place that bore not a hint of misery, where the town saloon was always lively, not nasty or obscene.

Yet, would you buy a place there, knowing that Slim Pickens was going to send in a pack of murderers and thieves, perhaps even Mongo, in order to create havoc and make the townfolk flee? No, neither would I.

That is, unless I knew Sheriff Bart was on duty. What is your limit on Schnitzengruben?

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