Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey, Sarah Palin: Thanks for the booze!

This blog is not about politics, but the presidential campaign elbowed its way into Weisenheimer's theater, food, and drink experience today.

My Sweetie and I were enjoying a nice dinner at T's Restaurant + Bar in downtown Ashland, Oregon this evening before heading over for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's production of The Clay Cart. We'd enjoyed a pretty good meal -- lamb shanks that were quite good accompanied by a mushroom risotto that was fabulous and a pretty nice bottle of red wine, a blend from a local vintner. Part way through dinner some ding-a-ling decided that the real reason were were all there was to listen to the debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin. Being on vacation, I've been able to mostly avoid media stuff all week, but most of the customers and much of the staff -- it wasn't very busy on a rainy Thursday night -- seemed quite interested. We were working on dessert -- a cheese sampler plus after-dinner drinks -- and Weisenheimer was contemplating asking them to turn off the damn TV, when the bartender dropped by with a couple of items we hadn't ordered.

"You guys were here when we made the deal," he said. "It's a free shot of tequila on the house every time Palin calls McCain a maverick."

Cue up The Champs!

We did make it to the play on time. My review, for obvious reasons, will have to wait until tomorrow.

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