Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blue Sweetie

My Sweetie, the scorer, and I have been spending quite a bit of time at the Highway 99 Blues Club lately. These days we seem to be listening to more blues than anything else, and we took a blues dancing class through the Northwest Dance Network in the spring. We wound up down at Highway 99 on Halloween night and heard a couple of sets by Lee Oskar.

Weisenheimer has a couple of WAR albums on vinyl (kids, we used to get all of our music that way, and we LIKED it) but never really connected that band with Oskar, who plays regularly at Highway 99, until I Googled him after the show. I suppose I should go back and read all of my 70s albums' liner notes more carefully. Oskar has a kick-ass band and we had a great time.

This portrait of my Sweetie, the scorer, was made with a cell-phone camera during Oskar's set on Halloween. My Sweetie didn't have the blues, but she sure looked blue.


Lisa said...

That looks like a great sweetie and all! I'd love to come with you sometime. Blues dancing is one of my favorites!

Weisenheimer said...

We'll give you a holler next time we're headed out there! We really enjoyed the blues class... though after the first one we wondered if anyone would come back. It was hard... but then around the third lesson the penny dropped for many of us. It's fun!