Sunday, November 16, 2008


Back in the olden days we had roadside diners, and their sole method of marketing was a giant, rooftop, neon sign: EAT.

Today the same joint, now owned by the grandkids, has a Web site (including up-to-date menus and wine lists), advertises on-line, uses the latest word-of-mouth marketing techniques to create buzz, blogs about trends in the diner industry, and pushes out word of its daily specials on twitter.

That's why Weisenheimer had to laugh out loud when walking past the Icon Grill in Seattle, which has, for the moment, gone all old-school on us with a simple, direct message on its marquee: JUST GET IN HERE!

To be sure, the Icon has always been a bit old-school. But the grill does have a Web site, and its present slogan, "Aroused Americana Cooking," was clearly not cooked up by the chef.

If you happen by Fifth and Viginia, just get in there.


Lisa said...

And we sure ATE last night! Thanks again for the treat!

Becky said...

"Aroused Americana Cooking?" That was, I hope, not cooked up by the marketing practitioner, either. Yikes!