Friday, June 26, 2009

Chukars chuck it

Seven hundred eighty-six miles driven. Blue skies and warm weather in Idaho Falls, a perfect night for a game between the home-standing Chukars and the visiting Casper Ghosts (I kid you not!), arch rivals in the Pioneer League. Sure, there were some ominous thunderclouds in the area and a few sprinkles as we made our way up from Pocatello. But the last thing we expected when we arrived at Melaleuca Field in Idaho Falls was a hand-scrawled sign on the gate that the Friday night contest had been washed out.

But that's exactly what we got. The gate to the field was open, so we got in to look around anyway. This photo by my Sweetie, the official scorer, reveals that there may indeed have been a few issues with the playing field. But hey, we've been driving for about 14 hours... what's a little ankle-deep water in foul territory? Hit it fair and let's get a game on! We met one other couple also taking a look around in the park. They'd only driven a couple of hours, though. Pikers!

The ballpark reminded me a lot of "The Crater," home field of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. Built just in the last several years, a few "luxury" boxes, and looked pretty comfortable. They should have thought to put in a few storm drains while they were at it. I don't think they'll be playing any games here for a few days at least.

The history of minor league baseball in Idaho Falls goes back to 1940. But, alas, no game on this otherwise lovely night in 2009.

Well, we're off to Orem, Utah tomorrow where, weather permitting, we'll see the Owlz play... Idaho Falls.


Sweetie the Official Scorer said...

The Weisenheimer didn't even mention the $144 speeding ticket I got trying to get here on time...The thunderstorm preceding us did look pretty dramatic and there was standing water all over town. A little boy, sixish, and his Dad arrived as we were taking a last look around and the dejection on that little boy's face nearly broke my heart! I think his lower lip trembled and his eyes looked stormy as he kicked the ground and slapped his cap against his leg. I know how you feel, kid.

Weisenheimer said...

I was going to let the ticket be our little secret, my love, lest the local constabulary is reading the blog and getting a hint as to your whereabouts!

Lisa said...

I have put up a constabulary shield around your vehicle. I have also lit incense and chanted. There will be no more speeding tickets for you (but make sure your tail lights are working!)

Looking forward to the journey!