Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whoriskey named next artistic director at Intiman

The suspense is over. Kate Whoriskey has been named the next artistic director at Seattle's Intiman Theatre. Whoriskey and current AD Bart Sher will work together next year, after which Bart departs and Whoriskey takes over on her own beginning in 2011.

Whoriskey has directed three shows at Intiman already: Eugene Ionesco's The Chairs in 2000, Sher's first season at Intiman; Henrik Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea in 2001 and Joe Penhall's Blue/Orange in 2003. Weisenheimer saw the first two -- we were still Intiman subscribers then -- but I don't recall much about them.

My Sweetie, the official scorer, was suspicious that I'd become a commenter on The Slog when she found this there today:

Now that the affair's finally over, Bart Sher can't go soon enough. The money's on the dresser, Bart. We'll leave it to the philosophers to decide who was more used.

It wasn't me. But... yeah.

Coverage from The Slog, the Times,, and even the Puget Sound Business Journal. Plus, notice and Whoriskey's bio from Intiman. It's an interesting choice. Let's see how she does.

UPDATE: More coverage from Arts Journal.

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